We are not offering group classes at this time. Please check back in the Spring of 2024.

Puppy Preschool

Ages 7-16 weeks
$ 195
5 weeks
  • Get your new puppy set up for success! Puppy Preschool is the perfect class for puppies age 7-16 weeks to learn positive socialization, handling, as well as some basic behaviors. Learn how to get your puppy used to veterinary and grooming visits and enjoy handling! Your puppy will learn how to recognize his/her name, walk on different surfaces, socialize with sounds, people and other dogs. Potty training, jumping, biting, and crating topics will also be covered during our one-hour orientation. Behaviors covered in class include: Sit, Down, Come, Touch, Watch Me, and Off. We will also teach your puppy how to trade for those instances when s/he decides to steal your socks! Each class is 45 minutes long and will end with a 10-minute playtime with other puppies.

Puppy Elementary

Ages 17 weeks to 1 year
$ 195
5 weeks
  • The perfect class for those puppies age 17 weeks to 1 year of age. During our one-hour orientation we will talk about how dogs learn and will cover topics such as jumping, biting and chewing!. You will also learn how to socialize your puppy to different floor surfaces, sounds, people and other dogs. Basic handling to ensure positive grooming and veterinary visits will also be covered. You will also learn the importance of enrichment and mental exercise. Each class is one hour long and will end with a 15-minute playtime with the other puppies in class. Behaviors covered in class include: Touch, Watch Me, Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leave It, Come, and Loose Leash Walking.

Adult First Step

Ages 1 year and older
$ 175
4 weeks
  • For dogs over the age of 1 year, teach your dog all of the basic behaviors in our beginning class. We will talk about changing undesirable behavior your dog may have and how to best set your "teenage/adult" dog up for success. Also learn the importance of enrichment, mental stimulation, and how to make it fun for your dog. Your dog will learn the following basic behaviors: Touch, Watch Me, Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leave It, Come, and Heel.

Feisty Fido

Adults 1 year and older
$ 300
6 weeks
  • Is your dog growling, lunging, and barking at other dogs and people? If so, then our Feisty Fido class is made for you. Learn realistic expectations for your dog, how to manage your environment, and how to change your dog's emotional response as it relates to whatever may trigger your dog to react. During our one-hour orientation you will learn why dogs react and how to help keep them below threshold. Learn different techniques to help your dog cope safely in various environments.


Most frequent questions and answers

It depends on the class but dogs can begin training as early as 7 weeks. 

A current copy of your dog’s vaccination records (or provide them via e-mail before the first session), a 6 foot nylon or leather leash, a collar or harness, training treats and a treat pouch, and cleanup bags.

To participate in trianing classes we require to see up-to-date documentation of age-appropriate vaccinations including:

  • Parvovirus, hepatitis, and distemper vaccinations for all dogs and puppies.
  • Rabies vaccination for dogs aged 16 weeks or older. This is required for both group classes AND private sessions (if a medical reason prohibits your pet from receiving this vaccination, please consult us beforehand).
  • Proof of vaccinations for para-influenza, parvovirus within the past three years and for Bordetella within the past six months for group classes.