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  • Polly Hart

    Tank was fearful and reactive with both people and dogs when we adopted him. The physical and emotional scars were evidence of a very sad past. Traci helped us find the brave lover that Tank truly is. We could not have done it without her. She is amazing!

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  • David Wiehe

    We got our puppy Bodhi at 5 mos old… there was work to create the bond and respect that was formed with his previous owner. Traci worked with our family and Bodhi in a beginner puppy class and an intermediate class. Each class had one on one time with Traci, other owners/pets and play time […]

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  • Erin Ruzek

    Traci is the most amazing dog trainer! She not only provided my dogs with tools to succeed in a human dominated world, she gave me the tools to feel more confident as a dog owner. Her pawsitive dog training, is something I feel very strong about. I loved watching my dogs succeed without being shocked […]

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