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David Wiehe

We got our puppy Bodhi at 5 mos old… there was work to create the bond and respect that was formed with his previous owner. Traci worked with our family and Bodhi in a beginner puppy class and an intermediate class. Each class had one on one time with Traci, other owners/pets and play time […]

Andrea Borg

Traci has a natural, comprehensive understanding of dogs and does a wonderful job sharing her knowledge with dog owners and families in a simple, straight-forward way that even kids can understand. She uses only positive reinforcement and makes training both a learning experience and an enjoyable activity for the dog and its people.Traci is patient […]

Carol & Don Covert

This Summer, Traci met with us and began working with our boxer. After about three weeks friends came to visit and immediately commented on our dog’s behavior. They wanted to know what had happened in the past month since they last visited that had made such an impact on our dog. He was so much […]