Carol & Don Covert

This Summer, Traci met with us and began working with our boxer. After about three weeks friends came to visit and immediately commented on our dog’s behavior. They wanted to know what had happened in the past month since they last visited that had made such an impact on our dog. He was so much calmer and attentive. We laughed and told them instead of discipline and getting mad at behavior we didn’t like, Traci had taught us and the dog how to replace bad behavior with good behavior we can positively reinforce. It’s so nice to have a dog who has behavior we are proud of, instead of both us and the dog having to be ashamed that he wasn’t trained to be a good member of society. Now everybody can love him as much as we do.

We’re so happy with the progress we now have a new member of the family who is in Traci’s puppy class. While he is doing REALLY well in the 45 minutes of training, he REALLY LOVES the last fifteen minutes of
“puppy socialization” and “play time”.

Traci’s approach to training is top notch, professional and friendly, and the results….they speak for themselves.

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